After Bangkok, Hannover, Orlando, Eindhoven and many other cities, we are finally bringing the Maker Faire to Delft. This year’s theme will be Made in Delft. Are you a maker or are you in some way interested in technology? Than Maker Faire Delft is something for you.
What is a Maker Faire?
A Maker Faire is a technology festival of inventions, creativity and resourcefulness, organized worldwide for young and old to celebrate the maker community. The Maker Faire offers possibilities by providing a stage for makers. Tech-enthousiasts, hobbyists, parents, artists, engineers, science clubs, amateurs, students and entrepreneurs are brought together to share their projects, ideas and experiences. The Maker Faire is a community based education event which inspires young and old to find the maker hiding inside them and to connect with people and projects in their surroundings. The Maker Faire is for everyone who embrace the do-it-yourself spirit and who would like to see or share innovative projects. Makers can join this event to show and share their knowledge and work as an exhibitor, presenter, workshop organizer or performer.  
Why Delft?
During a Maker Faire everything is focused on inventors, makers and experiments. A Maker Faire entails many elements like, playing, learning, making and designing. It has been Science Centre Delft’s mission for years to present these topics in a manageable way for a broad audience. It’s an honor to introduce the Maker Faire Delft!