Are you ready for the ultimate celebration of innovation, creativity and sustainable action? Then the Maker Faire Delft is just the thing for you. On 13 & 14 May, TU Delft Science Centre is organizing this unique festival with the theme ‘Making for a better society’. Makers get the chance to show how they are making or will make an impact on our future.

Whether you are a fan of technology, fashionista or do-it-yourselfer, the Maker Faire Delft has something for everyone. We have listed a few highlights for you.

 Creative projects will be on display from various educational institutes. TU Delft, Hogeschool Rotterdam and Haagse Hogeschool will present various innovations. Think of TU Delft Hydro Motion, Lunar Zebro or a self-built pick-and-place robot.

New this year is the Maker Market. A place where you can shop for unique and innovative products made by local and international makers. From 3D printed jewellery and recycled bags to innovative electronics and gadgets, the Maker Market is the perfect place to find one-of-a-kind gifts for yourself or your friends.

Alongside the Maker Market, there is also a Throwback Classic kilo sale. There, you can shop for unique and vintage clothes at kilo prices. It is the perfect way to find one-of-a-kind fashion items that matches your style and personality. All clothes are sold by weight, so you can fill your wardrobe nicely and sustainably.
Want to reuse an old piece of your own clothing, but does it have a tear? Then bring it along to the Upcycling Fashion workshop and give your outfit a second life.

A true self-taught maker is Marcel Knotter. He uses parts and stuff that would normally go to the junkyard to build prototypes or complete machines. One of his finest projects is a converted slot machine into an arcade game. Talk to Marcel and find out how he has overcome different obstacles.

Makerspace Delft will create a Sandbox community. An environment for safe discovery and experimentation. They offer various workshops but the best one is a gathering project where visitors make a train out of leftover materials. Towards the end of the faire, you can board the completed Sandbox Community Train, which will go on a mission to promote the idea of a better society!

In short, it promises to be a weekend full of amazing innovations by the most talented makers from the Delft area. So, visit and book your tickets. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with all the latest news and makers!