Call for Makers

Delft Maker Faire | 

Maker Faire is for everyone who has affinity with do it yourself projects and who wants to share his or her projects with the audience. Makers can participate in this event to show and share their skills as an exhibitor, performer or workshop organizer.

Who are we looking for?

Are you familiar with the latest developments on robotics, are you a star in making your own drone or do you build your own glider? Are you eager to learn more about 3D printing or would you like to make a prototype using electronics? Take your chance and join the first edition of Maker Faire Delft.

This call is intended for all makers who work on creative or innovative projects, from beginners to professionals, young and old, Dutch and International.

Please note: The Maker Faire Delft is rescheduled. We hope to organize this event in September.